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Destiny Series
Destiny 1
This western red cedar bench is 12' 6" long and has a seat that is 3" thick averaging 12" wide. The back is 2 1/2" thick and averages 16" wide, it is 40" tall and weighs about 350 lbs. The legs are 8" diameter red cedar logs. The finish is Sikkens, a pigment type of stain that I find works very well for outdoors.
Commissioned in 1993
Destiny number 3
This western red cedar curved bench measures 12' 6" at the back, both the seat and the back are about 2" thick, the seat is 8" at the narrow end and 24" at the wide end, it is 42" tall and weighs about 300 lbs. The legs are small 6" diameter black walnut branches bolted together and dowel plugged.
The dark streak in the back is from the original finish of linseed oil that when left outside with all the elements, turns black after 2 years. When I was sanding the dark mildew off the bench I decided to leave the rotted area dark, the finish used for the second round is danish oil, 3 coats handrubbed. I made this piece for a Forest Renewal contest, so government and industry could find better value added ideas, to achieve greater value from B.C. forests. My Destiny Series naturally curved bench did well with two provincial awards including first for design.
  Produced in 1996 - Accepting offers
   Click Here for a 360 Degree view   

Destiny 4
This white oak bent branch bench measures 7' at the back, the seat is 3" thick and 9" wide while the back is 2 " thick and 14" wide, it is 39" tall and it weighs about 200 lbs. Legs are 3"x 5" white oak joined with dovetails.
While most of the bent logs I cut are trunks of trees this piece grew in the mid area of the tree. It features a curve sharper than 90%, I still can't believe I forced my saw around that bend. It has 3 coats of handrubbed danish oil finish.
I built this bench for the Design in Wood competition in San Diego and brought home an honourable mention award.
Produced in 2004
Click Here for a 360 Degree view    
Destiny 5
This western red cedar bench measures 8' long at the back, seat is 3" thick and averages 14" wide, the back is 2"ish thick and is about 14" wide. The legs are 3"x 6" dovetailed red cedar and this piece weighs 150lbs. I used an exterior danish oil, 3 coats handrubbed.
Commissioned in 2001
Destiny 6
This western broadleaf maple bench measures about 6' at the back, has a seat that is 3 1/2" thick and averages about 10" wide, the back is 2 1/2" thick and is 16 " wide, it's 42" tall and weighs about 200lbs. This bench features dovetailed curly maple 3"x 5" legs and ebony dowel plugs that cover the fasteners. Finished with 3 coats of handrubbed danish oil.
This bench is "missing" from the Pacific Design Centre in Los Angeles, please let me know if you have seen it... I have a reward for the person that gives me this bench's current location.

       Commissioned in 1998