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Occasional Tables in Detail
Rustic Table
This coffee table is made of old douglas fir barnwood - 48" long, 30" wide, 2" thick and 18" tall The designer that commissioned this piece wanted it to look well used, so I found a stain that gave it the look requested. Two coats stain only.
Commissioned in 2001
Western Table
This western broadleaf maple table/bench is 36" long, 20" wide, 3" thick and 16" tall. The wood has beautifully figured grain with partial natural edges and features legs with hand cut dovetail joints using 3"x5" material. Finish is hand rubbed danish oil, 3 coats.
Commissioned in 2000
Butterfly Table
This black walnut butterfly table is 5" long, 4" wide and 2" tall...it's a model that was made to determine size, shape and leg design. The light wood is the sapwood from the outer growth rings of the tree. danish oil finish
Commissioned in 2006
Table / Bench
This western broadleaf maple table/bench is 44" long, 18" wide, 3" thick and 20" tall. This piece had a full natural edge that has the bark removed so you can see the ripples that create the curly grain. Finish is handrubbed danish oil, 3 coats.
Redwood Coffee Table
This figured redwood coffee table is about 48" long by 36" wide and 2 1/2" thick, the wood was bought in Cresent City CA while returning from a delivery to The College of the Redwoods woodshop in Fort Bragg. This one of kind piece of wood had survived a fire and was salvaged by a logger that recognized the unique grain pattern, after returning to Canada I added curly black walnut legs that were salvaged from a wood pile in Davis CA. This piece won honorable mention at the "Design in Wood" 2004.
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Black Walnut Table
This black walnut table is 24" tall, 37" long, 16" wide and 3/4" thick. It features the most beautiful blemish free crotch grain, with 3 coats of varathane finish.Had I been able to see inside this tree before cutting I wood have cut it 3 times thicker for a rifle stock.
  Commissioned in 1993
Western Broadleaf Table
This figured western broadleaf maple table is 36" long, 20" wide, 3/4" thick and 19" tall. The legs are strips of black walnut glued into wide blocks. It was one of the pieces built during my trial'n'error period...before I bought my vacuum kiln. It was made by gluing up 3"ish wide strips that after completed in my workshop and brought into my warm dry house tweaked and twisted and did a bit of delaminating I knew then that I needed to buy a kiln to properly dry wood on a large volume.
Commissioned in 1988
Burly Maple Table
This burly western broadleaf maple table is 54" long, 36" wide, 1 1/2" thick and 18" tall. It has a branch piece that is naturally attached to the table although when looked at people want to check how sturdy it is. Hand rubbed danish oil finish, 3 coats.
Curved Walnut Table
An elegant, rustic curved table.

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